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Information to support the creation of high-end equipment manufacturing

As the information network technology and economic integration, development, manufacturing enterprises have already exceeded the original tradition of the workshop, business, society and state restrictions, such as the Boeing 787 has been organized in more than 40 countries, the production, complete assembly of complex mechanical and electrical products and composition. Thus, the global optimum allocation of resources into the global industrial chain, collaboration and participation in the global market competition is a major trend.

Pulse manufacturing trends

Throughout the global manufacturing trends, the first information technology to accelerate the product development cycle to optimize the development process. In the 20th century, 40 years, product design and development process for product planning, product design, physical prototyping, product testing and production; and to this century, is from product planning began, after the conceptual design, digital prototyping, detailed design and to the physical prototype until the final production. Comparison of view, design and manufacture of efficiency has been greatly improved, the production process has also been optimized. To fly into, for example, means the use of information technology, the new aircraft from the original design cycle has been shortened from 46 months to 15 months now, let us see the information supporting the development of traditional industries to change direction.

Second, the development of public service platform synergy, reduce manufacturing costs. The world's three car companies - GM, Ford and Chrysler have formed Dai Musi auto parts sourcing platform, shown in Figure 2. Through the platform, 50,000 suppliers to collaborative purchasing and greatly reduce the manufacturing costs. Shows the division of labor and social cooperation, building a modern industrial system, while manufacturing enterprises from the "large" to "special and spirit" of the direction, the use of core resources to achieve competitive advantage and added value of profits maximize, the real restructuring of the industry value chain and value chain, from the original chain with a combination of changes to the mesh.

Again, the green of the manufacturing environment made more requests. Worldwide economic and social development within the environment and the obvious contradiction between the global consumption of environmental resources faster than Earth's ecological self-renewal rate of 30%. China's annual losses caused by environmental pollution accounts for about 10% of GDP, of which 70% comes from manufacturing.

Finally, to promote service-oriented manufacturing sector, accounting for the high-end value chain. As technology advances and the application of advanced management concepts, new products in the manufacturing sectors of the real time has been accounted for a very small part, and most of the time in research and development, purchasing, sales, storage and service. At the same time to achieve professional and minimize costs, manufacturing production is being accelerated from manufacturing to service-based transformation, manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing technology has become the development of new content. 70% of the two countries have common phenomenon, that is, the proportion of value added services accounted for 70% of GDP, of which the production process of services accounted for 70% of value added services. Such as the U.S. General Electric (GE), 20 century, 80 years, GE built in 24 countries, 113 manufacturing, the proportion of manufacturing output up to 85%. And now, GE's traditional manufacturing accounted for only 30% of its GDP, 70% of the business from closely related with the main "technical + management + service" composition. Another example is Rolls-Royce as the engine manufacturing company (Rolls · Royce), created a new service model (services to create value): from selling products to sell into the flight time to the current application cycle, selling the full service, including a full diagnosis and monitoring of maintenance, the real in order to bring new applications and convenience.

Based on the above points, the manufacturing sector is to globalization, information technology, professional, green, and service development; and manufacturing techniques are being refined to high-speed, automatic smart, green, low carbon, high value-added, value-added services, logistics linkage other direction.

Four pressure challenges in China

Manufacturing and manufacturing technology the face of such trends, China's manufacturing industry is facing a great challenge, the challenge comes from the globalization of manufacturing, from the needs of individual end-users, but also from the environmental resources to the development of space getting smaller and smaller, and malicious competition among domestic enterprises homogeneity.

Weak innovation led to lack of core competitiveness, enterprise development has become a major problem. Dependence on foreign technology manufacturing as high as 50% ~ 34.46%, high-tech products to increase the proportion of the value of manufacturing value added accounted for only 14.2% ~ 12.37%. At the same time effective domestic patent to utility model and design patents based, high technology content of the relatively low share of invention patents.

Low value-added, brand competition is weak in China is a major weakness. 2008 top 500 Chinese enterprises own brand products for less than 30% of the 500 Chinese enterprises in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing profitability of similar enterprises in the Fortune 500 is 27.8% and 11.1%, Value Added and the United States, Japan, the phase were lower than the 22.99% and 22.12%.

High energy consumption, low efficiency, weak manufacturing services in China also had to face. China's unit energy consumption higher than the international advanced level of about 20% -30%, in 2008 China accounted for emissions of carbon dioxide emissions in the world reached a total of 21.8%, now ranks first in the world, while China's GDP, total accounted for only 7% of total world GDP. Processing of the product form of domestic enterprises and other "production" manufacturing-based, enterprise "services" income of just 20 to 30%, multinational corporations have turned to integration into the lines "service" manufacturing-based, multinational giant is the world's 50 ~ 80%.

Comparison of growth in China's "traditional." While China's manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, but most of the growth of foreign enterprises to give up the link, at the low end of industry value chain. Manufacturing industry to develop, innovative business development model must be.

Made in China compared with the international advanced level, organization development concept and production gap. First, the underlying technology is weak, less able to complete into line. The reason is that we focused more on a single piece of equipment design and manufacturing, and production and customers for R & D and standard-setting process to be strengthened. This makes it difficult for users to create real business solutions and provide comprehensive turn-key projects, but only part of the work involved.

Second, the unit energy consumption higher than the international average. The reason is the lack of long-term development of the extensive system of green manufacturing and research and development of core technology standards, resulting in energy savings is difficult to meet national development needs and low-carbon economy.

Third, the excess capacity of low value-added products. Within the enterprise, the production capacity of hard get more attention, and how to improve service capacity and quality of soft power has yet to be cultured, so seize the current lack of competitiveness of the high-end value chain.

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